Our Waters

Cobbetts Lake

Cobbetts lake, (7.6 acres) can accommodate up to fifty anglers. It holds a very large head of fish of most species, and has had recent stockings of quality Crucian Carp, and Roach ranging from 8 to 12 oz This is a water where you can fish whichever method you enjoy, legering will produce not only Bream but good bags of Roach and Crucian Carp as well, float fish the margins and you could be in for a bumper catch of Crucian Carp and Roach. There are also large Tench, Carp, and Pike resident in this lake. Cobbetts lake is used for club and open matches, the match record stands at 100 lb. 13 oz but with the influx of new stock on a regular basis this record must surely be broken in the near future.